Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures and move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience.
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" Let your words take you on a journey of self discovery. 
When you change your words, you change your world "

Sounds of silence

Every so often we're reminded of why we are here and sometimes we even choose to reconnect with what inspires us and motivates us. The whispers which quietly remind us of all the things which sets our heart on fire and which move us to create and to dream.

It's easy to get so caught up in the chaos of life and living that we forget what it means to just be. And in the silence of being we are reminded of the richness of who we are are and how much we have to offer and to share.

There's no importance in earning dollars if we're working and doing things to simply pay the bills and add 'material things' to our lives.

There's no importance in building an empire if we forget who we have on the path with us, and how much those souls light us up and matter most to us.

There's no importance in striving to reach the peaks if we're not learning and growing, and treasuring the memories we make on the journey.

In this past week of silence, where I've been free from work, free from people, and free from outside noise I've had the opportunity to reconnect, to re-evaluate and to just Be.

I experienced this similar feeling in July when we were travelling on the Eyre Peninsula and I've only now just realised that when I get silent and just listen, then the words tumble and freefall onto the page and into some semblance of order. The creative muse within my soul floats to the surface and asks to be heard.

It's not the travel which does it...it's the silence. The craziness of life doesn't allow for the silence, travelling does...

In 2021 I'm exploring my own special blend of sensory magic as I create

  • a bridge to my inner creative soul

  • a platform for all those who have been silenced and wish to be heard

  • a vision for all those seeking a version of themselves they've yet to discover

Who knows what that will look like, that's the beauty of creation. I only know that it feels right and that this is what creating sensory magic is all about - going with what feels right. Feeling it deep within your soul and just knowing this is the way forward. No fear, no distractions, just forward movement.

Your intuition speaks softly and it's always telling you what you need, and all too often we allow the noise to drown it out, or we question if we're really hearing it at all.

So today on this very first day of an amazing new year, sit in the silence and really listen, feel it deep within your body and understand what it's saying to you.

What do you need most?

And then decide, align your actions and go do it...

Keep smiling, Fi xx

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