Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures and move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience.
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" Let your words take you on a journey of self discovery. 
When you change your words, you change your world "

Day 8 - Wudinna

Internet is rather intermittent where we are tonight, so we’ll see how we go with this post and whether I can post it tonight or tomorrow. We left our villa in Streaky Bay Islands caravan park this morning, I was sorry to say goodbye to this one because I really enjoyed this place.

I was awake at 5:50 am this morning and within an hour I had written 700 words on my new book, an idea which has been swirling in my head for a few months now. There’s something beautiful about the open road which just helps the words flow and the creativity bubbles up wanting to be released. One more reason why I need to hit the open road and travel around Australia.

We had breakfast at Bay Funktion before we left Streaky which is the cafe from the other day which took my fancy, and sat in the garden room shown in the photos.

We headed East towards Poochera, where there was not much to be seen despite being the home of dinosaur ants and visited by people all over the world due to their rarity. We then headed onto Minnipa and North into the Gawler Ranges National Park. This is a beautiful park, albeit a bit rough going on some of the corrugated roads, I’m sure it would have rattled loose anything that wasn’t tied down, in some places we were forced to go no more than about 15km.

It was worth the drive though, plenty of wildlife - finally, kangaroos and emus, including two emu mamas and at least 8-10 of their chicks, both in different places. The wildflowers are all starting to blossom and it is and absolutely scenic drive. We walked into the Organ Pipes which is granite structure that looks like, you guessed it, organ pipes.

Tonight we’re staying in Wudinna, we went to book a cabin at reception and the owner said it was only because they’d had a cancellation that they had one available. And such has been our trip, what we need has been available at the right time, so I‘m very grateful to the powers who be. Apparently this is their busy time of year because of the whales and there’s also a lot of tradies and line markers in town at the moment - we discovered them all at the pub.

Tomorrow we’ve decided to take a different path and head North to Lake Gairdner and stay at Mount Ive Homestead which is a working sheep station on the boundary of the Fourth largest salt lake in Oz. Something different and we’re staying in shearer’s quarters, the only pre booking we’ve made on our holiday. It’s meant to be a great trip and Lake Gairdner is where they do the land speed trials.

So tomorrows post might be delayed or not even happen as I have no idea what the internet will be. I will trust in whatever is, but I’m looking forward to something a bit different.

Keep smiling, Fi 🌻

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