Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures and move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience.
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" Let your words take you on a journey of self discovery. 
When you change your words, you change your world "

Day 5 - Streaky Bay

Tonight we're in Streaky Bay, which is not where we had planned to be tonight, but that’s the beauty of going where the mood hits. We went to Coffin Bay this morning and checked out the national park, which was nowhere near as much fun - must have been because there was less mud and less dirt tracks, lots more emus though.

First photo below will show you the rainbow that we followed all through the national park (or it followed us) quite strange how it kept moving with us. At one stage it was like we drove through it on the road. The town of Coffin Bay was much, much smaller than we had expected and so was the national park.

There was plenty of recent bushfire damage which was sad to see and while Lincoln National Park had bushfire evidence too, it wasn’t as extensive or as recent as it was at Coffin Bay. So with little to explore we headed on to Elliston, where we had a lovely picnic lunch overlooking the bay (with sea gulls that were so clean they looked fake) We then followed up with a few beers in the local pub and then I drove to Streaky Bay.

We stopped off to see Murphy‘s Haystacks on the way which I happened to see on South Aussie with Cosi the other week. They’re the most bizarre looking granite rocks which strangely enough resemble haystacks and have been so named. They’re actually technically known as Inselbergs (a hill that looks like a rocky island rising from the sea) and named after the owner of the private property they are on.

We thought we were going to get drenched by big huge rain clouds but were fortunate all day to avoid the heavy bursts of rain, which appeared out of nowhere amongst the sunshine and blue skies.

We got into Streaky Bay and realised accommodation might be a little more challenging than expected. Streaky Bay Foreshore caravan had no cabins left (and I’m not so keen on swagging it in winter when it’s raining) The Hotel and Motel we’re both $165 a night which seemed a little extreme for a country town. So we headed to the other caravan park which was about 5km out of town (and is near nothing)...and just wow. So glad we did.

It’s a relatively new park and only has 2 villas (five more under construction), and because the accommodation angels were smiling on us, we managed to get the last one of the two and it was cheaper for three nights at $115 a night and we have the most plush waterfront villa. It’s gorgeous, brand new, with a separate bedroom, lounge and kitchen. And gosh dang if it doesn’t have a queen sized bed (after double beds the last few nights, a queen size bed is mildly exciting)

Very delighted to spend the next three nights here and with lots of things around us to see and do. Everything happens for a reason and often brings a blessing, even when it may not seem like it in the start, so I’m feeling grateful.

Keep Smiling, Fi

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