Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures and move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience.
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" Let your words take you on a journey of self discovery. 
When you change your words, you change your world "

Are you playing small?

Playing small keeps so many of us stuck in the same place and not moving forward, and we do so mostly out of fear.

Fear of putting ourselves out there, fear of failing, fear of comments and judgements from others about what we’re doing and so we stay miserable and we stay small. We know there’s more out there for us but we're fearful of stepping up and making the changes, or fearful we'll make a mistake, or worse fearful we'll fail.

Most people who know me think of me as fairly confident and determined, and it’s taken me a lot of years and a lot of soul searching to get to that place. But that's not to say that I don't still get fearful, because I do, I still have times when I doubt whether I have something worthwhile to offer, I still second guess myself despite being fully aware that what we think we attract and that our thoughts guide our actions.

What I've come to realise though is while you can’t simply change a lifetime of patterns of behaviour and thinking overnight, you can start and starting is the first step. It's taking action and acknowledging you don’t want to keep playing small and settling for what life throws at you.

For me, inviting my friends, family and acquaintances to an online launch of my new business website and Facebook page was one of those things that made my stomach churn and I had to resist the urge to take it back. The truth is, the most confident and capable person on the planet will still experience feelings of self-doubt about their capabilities in at least one area of their lives.

The thing is we all have something amazing to offer, it doesn’t matter who we are, what we do, or even what we don’t do - there’s something about each of us and within each of us which makes us special and which adds value to this crazy world of ours.

I went to an interesting Feed your Brain session on Friday at the New Venture Institute - Flinders at Tonsley Park (what an amazing space this is) and there was one thing which really stood out from speaker David Floyd from First on the Beach.

He said that we often don’t make the changes in our lives (we stay small and safe in our comfort zones) until suddenly we're looking our own mortality in the face and we're realising that time is not an asset or a resource and we only have a limited amount of time left to do the things we've dreamt of doing.

And I'll leave you with the question he asked…so what are you waiting for - a death sentence?

Tough but true…so what one step are you going to take today to stop acting small. Tell me, I'd love to hear them.

Hugs, Fi

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