Words exist like winged energy, transporting us to places high and wide. Words link each of us together as human beings. Words can paint pictures and move us to tears or to joy. Words can expand our consciousness until there are no words for the experience.
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" Let your words take you on a journey of self discovery. 
When you change your words, you change your world "

The Power of our Thoughts

I'm a big believer that what we focus on most is what we bring into our lives. I didn't always believe that but then that's part of growing, learning more about myself and my life and realising how we alone can control our lives and guide them in the direction we need to go.

Sure, I'm not a total 'head in the clouds' kind of person, I still realise shitty things happen to good people (bad people too) but I also think they happen for a reason and it’s all in what we take from the shitty moment and how we respond. There's always a lesson to be learnt from the good and the bad moments.

If the same sorts of bad moments keep cropping up in your life - financial troubles, bad relationships, people who treat you badly then maybe you're not learning the lesson in these experiences. Plus what you focus on is what you'll attract more of, so if you focus on a lack of money then of course you'll attract more of it. The power of your thoughts will astound you - try visualising having plenty of money or the job of your dreams (as hard as that may be)

Have you ever been around someone who blames everyone and everything for the miserable state of their life but won't do anything to help themselves. It's draining and exhausting to listen to. Yet, it's never easy to change patterns of behaviour which have become a regular way of thinking and feeling.

Surely the more you complain and focus on what's wrong, the more of that you attract into your life. It's taken me a long time and a lot of self-discovery and learning to realise the truth in that statement.

Does the thought of living every day of your life feeling miserable or anxious or angry make you want to change your thinking and take action to change your life? It sure makes me stand up and take notice. No-one can simply wait for that magic fairy dust to fall from the sky or for the knight in shining armour (or whatever the female version is) to ride in and rescue them.

The truth is the only person who can change your life is you and the best place to start is with your thinking. If you think it won't happen, it probably won't. If you think you'll never have money to do the things you want, then you probably won't. If you believe you'll never improve your situation or your illness defines you then then you're probably right.

What have you got to lose in imagining what you could have and what your life could be like. Thinking positive thoughts doesn't cost anything. Wouldn't you rather be around someone who talks about their dreams and goals rather than moans about their shitty job and horrible partner. Aren't positive and motivating people more fun to be around?

The thing is, once you start thinking good things you still can't sit and wait for that magic fairy dust or white knight, you still have to take responsibility for your life. You have to do something, anything to change things.

Miserable in your job - fine then what do want to be doing, what are you good at, what do you enjoy? Jobs may not be abundant on the ground at the moment, but wishing for one won't make it real either. If you need more skills, then go out and do some extra training. If you need more hands-on ability then volunteer - there's plenty of places that would welcome assistance.

There is always an opportunity for the person who looks for it and takes action. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and talk about your dreams and goals, the more you focus on what you want and not so much on what you don't want, then the more likely you are to find what you're looking for.

To get started, none of it requires anything more than positive thoughts and bravery to step up and out of your comfort zone to take action, or otherwise you can choose to stay where you are and keep doing what you're doing, but don't complain - because the choice is always yours.

Keep Smiling, Fi

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