Are you looking for support and guidance and a place to learn and grow your knowledge of self?
Are you seeking a group of motivated, dynamic and inspiring people to share ideas with and learn from?
Do you operate best in groups and love the collaborative and sharing nature of like-minded people?
Do you set yourself goals and know that positivity and intuition play a big part in your journey?
Do you sometimes feel like you're the only one searching for meaning and understanding and knowing there's so much more to who you are and what you can achieve?

Circle of Light Development Group 

The purpose of this group is to bring together a group of like-minded people to have open, creative conversations on different topics of mutual interest to surface our collective knowledge, to share ideas and to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. Ultimately the conversations should lead to action in the form of better self awareness and greater intuitive insights. 
This group will explore a mix of coaching, journaling, personal awareness, intuitive insights and meditation - and for those of you who have attended my intuitive journaling group then you'll have an idea of how I run things. I like high energy, positive talk and I run my sessions accordingly.
Establishing the Circle of Light Development Group is focused on a deeper exploration of self - with a focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be in a safe and supported group. It's something I'm very passionate about and the aim is to open this group towards the end of 2020.
The value of open, exploratory and creative conversations
Open, creative conversation embraces dialogue, and is where we strive for mutual understanding through a frank exchange of ideas or views. This in turn helps us gain an improved understanding of why we act, say and do the things we do, by helping us;
•   suspend assumptions, we do not judge each other
•   observe and listen to one another
•   welcome differences and explore them
•   allow all subjects to be raised safely
•   listen to our inner voice
•   slow the discussion and search for the underlying meaning
•   realise we all have our own journey to follow and don't need to compete
If you'd like to learn more about the Circle of Light Development Group, this is the process we'll be following;
  • Register your interest below (there is no obligation or expectation to continue)
  • I will send you an information pack with more detailed information about this group and what you could expect from your involvement in this group (be sure to include the best email address that I should send your information pack to)
  • You'll complete the interest form included in your information pack (assuming this group is what you've been looking for)
  • Due to the nature of this group and the purpose, it's important that there's an aligning energy for all who are involved to ensure that all attendees feel safe, supported and have the opportunity to grow and benefit from their involvement. Therefore it's important that both you and I feel comfortable working together.