Adelaide Changemakers Meet-up

If you’re looking for a group of positive like-minded people who love sharing their knowledge and skills in a positive and supportive environment, then the Adelaide Changemakers meetup group might be for you.
This group is a place where you can feed your mind and soul, and where you’ll be encouraged and supported to grow in ways which you never imagined possible.
This is not a Business Networking Group, and while business networks may evolve from members you meet in this group, it’s important to remember this group is not so much about selling yourself or your business, as it is about growing yourself and your capabilities.
What this group is….
  • Changemakers know that the only certainty in this world is change and they get a little bit excited by the possibilities. They know they alone have the power to create their own roadmap to happiness and success, and that personal growth is an ongoing requirement. 
  • Changemakers aren’t bothered by problems and challenges, they know they have the power to find a solution and how to discover the steps needed to take action. 
  • Changemakers know that flexibility and perspective are important in understanding every situation. They ask questions, seek out the information they need and understand both the impacts of making a change, and the consequences of not. 
  • Changemakers believe in the power of positive thinking and are fully aware of the principle that we attract what we put out. 
  • Changemakers love learning new things and have a strong sense of self awareness and emotional intelligence. 
  • Changemakers are always pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone, they feel the fear and do it anyway. 
  • Changemakers know there’s value in ‘solitary’ time but they also understand the immense power of partnering with others and the difference that comes from developing solutions as a group. 
  • Changemakers strongly believe in the value of knowledge sharing and understand how much they have to gain when the give and take ratio of knowledge is balanced and shared.
Everyone has something valuable to offer, this is not about what you do or don’t do, or how you do it - this is about what you know and your willingness to share your knowledge and explore different perspectives (which doesn’t require you to be an academic or a super brain)
This group is for people who are ready to step up and step out, who want to make a difference and who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Feeling ready, feeling brave?
Meetup sessions will be held in the Adelaide CBD once a month and are strictly limited to 25 people to ensure the best outcomes for those who attend. We suggest you book early if you don’t want to miss out…
The cost for each meetup session is $15 to cover the cost of the room and light refreshments which will be provided.

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