Change & Transformation for Business

Is your business not quite operating the way you'd expect? -  maybe staff morale is low, workflow might not be as smooth as you'd hope, good people are leaving, or operationally the business just isn't achieving the results you need.

Big or small business, start up or established - the frustration of not knowing what to do, what your next steps are, or how to fix the problems are much the same.

Change is generally focused on one of four key areas;


Operational - change projects within the operational

functions of an organisation

Organisational - change projects that affect individuals,

work groups, teams and the organisation itself

Strategic - change projects related to fundamental changes

in an organisation’s strategic objectives and goals

Technology - change projects associated with technology

assimilation and improved systems and processes within

an organisation.

The reality is that all of us have the answers and solutions for change within us, but when you're up close and personal to a problem it's hard to know how to find those answers, or worse still you're trying to lead a team of staff through the changes and don't know the best way to do that.


My aim is to provide guidance and advice to groups and individuals and to challenge them to find the best solutions for their own situation, because every situation is different. ​My focus is on providing you with the knowledge and power to manage the change long after I have gone, by helping you to;


  •   Identify and build on your own strengths and that of your business

  •   Gain knowledge of what triggers certain emotions and behaviours

  •   Acknowledge and resolve areas that require change

  •   Develop ways for you to best engage with stakeholders in a real and sustainable way

  •   Establish compelling goals, systems and processes

  •   Develop practical strategies and tools

  •   Build ongoing personal or group success

  •   Create work / life balance

  •   Structure resources and communication tools to guide you through the change process

  •   Expand your training programs and communication plans to support the changes


Interested in how I can assist you or your business? Contact me and lets discuss your needs.

Fiona is a proactive and tireless change manager. Through the SANTAS Fast-Track programme of work she meticulously planned a strategy of change that included communication strategies, e-learning and training sessions and actively managed almost 1,000 stakeholders as they went through significant system, procedural and organisational change. 

By taking a lead role in the post implementation and post go-live processes, Fiona became the voice for many of our users and represented them to the project teams. During that time Fiona also put in place structured and robust communication channels and set about uplifting capabilities to effectively prioritise and resolve issues. 

I would highly recommend Fiona for any challenging change management roles, she naturally and passionately navigates others through change.

David Ford (GAICD, MBA) ~ Technology Executive 

Fiona is a talented and dedicated Communication, Change and PMO specialist with a thirst for knowledge like no one else I have met. Fiona's skill set covers many areas, but she especially has abilities to deliver a message either written or verbally that is clear and makes people take notice.

I enjoyed working with Fiona and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a person who will deliver. I look forward to working with Fiona again one day.

Michael Wilson ~ Organisational Change Leader

Fiona is highly self motivated and well organised. Her skills in communication and change management are excellently balanced with strong logistics to ensure that the critical path of any project is at the fore front. Exposure to PMBOK principles ensure that all project elements are strongly supported in her approach. I would highly recommend Fiona to any prospective employer if asked.

David Walker ~ Management Consultant

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