I'm a big believer that what we focus on most is what we bring into our lives. I didn't always believe that but then that's part of growing, learning more about myself and my life and realising how we alone can control our lives and guide them in the direction we need...

Do you wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work, or do you drag yourself out of bed and seriously consider the thought of crawling back into your cosy cocoon and not going to work at all.

I've done the drag myself out of bed option previously and I hat...

Playing small keeps so many of us stuck in the same place and not moving forward, and we do so mostly out of fear.

Fear of putting ourselves out there, fear of failing, fear of comments and judgements from others about what we’re doing and so we stay miserable and we s...

...but you have to have your eyes open and set powerful intentions so you can recognise the opportunities when they appear.

Seven months ago, after recently returning from teaching in Vietnam, I found myself between paid employment and visiting plenty of free workshops...

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February 8, 2018

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