About Me


Change & Transformation Specialist

I’m a creative, confident and enthusiastic individual who is fascinated by knowledge, words, colour and intuition. I combine my love of these things to help others realise and achieve their dreams.​ I love to inspire others to make changes in their lives and the realisation that we can all be achievers in many ways, once we know how.

I'm intrigued by how our thoughts and beliefs guide our behaviours and how this can be translated into helping people discover just what they're capable of both professionally and personally.​

I'm happiest when I'm travelling, writing and inspiring others to help them find their own magic within. I've discovered that meeting new people and exploring different perspectives, ideas and cultures are the times when I've broadened my understanding of myself and my own capabilities.
My ultimate dream is to create a lifestyle where I can help others chase their dreams and live the life they were meant to be living. I'm one of those people who chases her dreams a little harder than most ... and who won't give up until I achieve them...​
I strongly believe every one of us has something wonderful to offer and sometimes we just need a little guidance and belief to realise everything we need is within us already.

So with the right knowledge and self-awareness

what would you be inspired to change first in your life?

     Qualifications / Certifications

2020 - Reiki 2 Practitioner

2019 - Extended DISC Practitioner

2019 - Professional Practitioner Coach

2019 - Mental Health First Aid (accredited)

2018 - Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy - Face Reading

2017 - Certificate IV TAE (Training and Education)               

2017 - Certificate IV TESOL

2015 - Master’s Degree, Business Administration (MBA)      

2015 - Hypnotherapy Certification

2015 - NLP Certification

2014 - Articulate Storyline Certification                        

2011 - Certificate IV Project Management                   

2007 - Bachelor of Arts Degree (English / Creative Writing / Sociology)  

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